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2023-2024 BAK PTO Sponsored:

Adopt-A-Class, Foster-A-Class or Assist-A-Class


Bak Middle School of the Arts presents a wonderful opportunity for students to receive a first-rate education, while broadening their studies in their chosen art area. In order to make sure these talented students have all of the materials and resources necessary to pursue their studies, additional funding is needed.

Once again this year, Bak Middle School of the Arts is offering families, individuals, and businesses the opportunity to Adopt-A-Class or Foster-A-Class at our school. We are also offering another option for our families this year, called “Assist-A-Class.”


For a minimum tax-deductible donation of $250.00, you can Adopt-A-Class of your choice. If you want to Foster-A-Class it will be $100.00, or you can Assist-A-Class for $50.00. Other programs and services, such as the clinic, magnet office, media center, guidance, administration, etc. may also be adopted. Families are encouraged to pool their resources to Adopt-a-Class. The money will be kept in an account from which the teacher or administrator will draw funds to purchase class materials, to underwrite field trips, or to meet other needs of our students. All items purchased remain the property of the school, and a special effort is made to ensure that the funds are spent as early in the school year as possible, so that direct benefit is received by students during the school year in which funds were donated. Any unused funds will be transferred to the General Activities account, which benefits all students.

Families and businesses participating in the Adopt-a-Class program will be recognized with a certificate in the classroom and in one of the school’s newsletters.


Please complete the Adoption/Foster/Assist Agreement and return it with your check, made payable to: Bak PTO, to Student Services, or mail it to the school. Please make sure that you write the recipient’s name in the memo section. Your support is greatly appreciated.


You may contact Pamela Valente, PTO Adopt-a-Class Coordinator, with any questions at

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Adopt-a-Class Agreement Form
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